Quadron – Pressure (Live)

Quadron LP

Quadron LP

Joining Quadron on the road for their first US tour was an enlightening experience. We were blown away by Coco’s soulful voice! Finally 5 months later, we’ve done what we have been dying to do… a performance of “Pressure” on camera, a stripped down, melodic version of this iconic song. We collaborated with Rebekah Raff on the Harp, Engineer Ken Bts, Theo Jemison and Grace Oh on the Cameras and Greg Ponstingl on the Edit. Produced by Andrew Lojero for ArtDontSleep.

It’s not too often you find someone as special as Coco. We want everyone to see the same rays of sunshine that we’ve seen and to highlight her unique talent. Share this with your friends and family. We hope this touches everyone as deeply as it did us.

A very special Thank You the Eagle Rock Center for The Arts for the use of your gorgeous space.

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