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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

ArtDontSleep & EVFA present: Homage


This is a collage of sounds from Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and the roots of their music. This half-hour mix is a journey through instrumentals and interviews of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and Phil Cohran, added in with a sprinkle of Sun Ra, whom Cohran worked with in the pivotal, early years. The listening experience will shed light on the Chicago family’s story, inspiration, and feelings. 9 brothers and a father will share the stage at this legendary, once in a lifetime experience.


Homage III – The Cohran Family Philosphy

Mixed by DJ Expo


Track List:

1. Randolph St. Swing ­ Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

2. Ballicki Home ­ H.B.E.

3. War ­ H.B.E.

4. Marcus Garvey ­ H.B.E.

5. Water ­ H.B.E.

6. Flipside ­ H.B.E.

7. Rainbows – H.B.E.

8. Scrabble ­ H.B.E. feat Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (recorded live in LA)

9. Alyo – H.B.E.

10. Tema Do Canibal ­ BK-One feat Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

11. Brass In Africa – H.B.E.

12. Africa ­ Sun Ra

13. White Nile ­ Phil Cohran and Legacy

14. The Dogon ­ Phil Cohran and Legacy

15. Unity – Phil Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensamble

16. Mushallah ­ Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

17. Moments ­ H.B.E.

18. Spottie ­ H.B.E.

19. Black Boy ­ Hypnotic Brass (w/ readings by Phil Cohran)


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