The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble feat Joey Dosik

On December 16, 2012, 1,500 Angelinos were treated to a very special and once in a lifetime concert, “That 70’s Soul”. A very special night dedicated to the great soul of the 70s. Not a tribute concert, but an opportunity to pay homage to some of the greatest songs ever written and performed. This was not a chance to over the music, but rather a chance to pay homage and expand on the songs.

A star studded night, graces by the likes of Sly Stone, George Clinton, Shuggie Otis, Leon Ware, James Gadson, Seu Jorge, just to name a few. The Ensemble itself was full on fire and the Maestro, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, blazed the undeniable trail of greatness!

As always, ArtDontSleep fully documented this beast of a show. So, we are finally digging into our vaults to share a few goodies.

As feat. Joey Dosik (Written by Stevie Wonder)

ArtDontSleep Presents: That 70s Soul

Executive produced by: Andrew Lojero
Produced by Andrew Lojero
Co-Produced by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Promoted By ArtDontSleep

Video Directed and Edited By: Greg Ponstingl
Camera Crew:
Theo Jemison
Rich Hama
Steve Lee
Greg Ponstingl

Recorded By Toby Tittle

Mixed By Benjamin Tierney & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble:
Joey Dosik (lead vocalist)
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (arranger/viola)
Ndugu Chancler (drums)
Derf Reklaw (percussion)
Evan Francis (flute)
Philip Dizack (trumpet)
Sam Gendel (alto saxophone)
Kamasi Washington (tenor saxophone)
Elizabeth Lea (trombone)
Brandon Coleman (keyboards)
Gabe Noel (bass)

Recorded live in Los Angeles, California at The Mayan Theatre on Sunday, December 16th, 2012.

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