Quantic’s Cumbia de Mochilla


March of 2012, ArtDontSleep had the honor and privilege of hosting two record release parties, in one night. The response from the city of Los Angeles was so overwhelming, that we had to have two nights. Quantic and Alice Russell co-headlining with The Robert Glasper Experiment. Nights we will forever remember with over 2,500 of our closest friends. Here is a video, unearthed from the ArtDontSleep library. Thank you to Greg Postingl and Benjamin Tierney for helping these videos come to life, two years later. Expect more in the coming weeks from these legendary nights.

ArtDontSleep presents

Quantic: A Cumbia For Mochilla

Executive Produced and Produced by: Andrew Lojero

Promoted by ArtDontSleep

Directed & Edited by: Greg Ponstingl

Recorded and Mixed by: Benjamin Tierney

Filmed by
Greg Ponstingl, Brian Cross, Eric Coleman, Michael Park and Laith Majali

Recorded Live in Los Angeles, CA. at The Exchange LA Thursday, March 22th, 2012

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