Connected - Los Angeles (Block Party)

Connected – Los Angeles (Block Party)

Saturday May 28th, 2005
Connected – Los Angeles (Block Party)
Main Stage:
Che Guevara All Stars  (Ozomatli), The Rebirth, Burning Star, Afro Beat
Down, Very be Careful, Damon Aaron
Intermission sets: Dusk, Jeremy Sole, B+, Sloe Poke, A-ski,
Art Installations/ Conceptual Designs:
Kofie Stewart, Sage Vaughn, Tyler Gibney, Umar Rashid, Jim Mahfood, Mike
Russek, Dez Einswell, Midzt & more.
Stage 2:
Exile w/Blu, Taraach, Poor Righteous Teachers, Deux
Process, Gift Shop, Live Radio, Trek Life, Al Jackson, Still Will,
Phoreyez, Jun and Jayski
Stage 3:
Daedelus, Ammoncontact, Edit, Valida, Orlando Reneau, Kutmah, Take,
Coleman, Haycock & Jas One.
Stage 4:
Shakespeare & Aurelito, Phers one, Dub Asher, Rude One, Tom Chasteen
Sound Area 5:
The Twilite Tone, Rain, Lars, Alix Alvarez, Duane, Lillianne, Hawkeye,
Sacred Grounds Aztec Sol, Louis fs, Big C, Skott K, Jose Marques & Jack
12-hour Arts Festival/ Blocc Party in the streets of downtowns Artist
District. Over 60 of LA’s favorite dj’s, visual artists, Performers and
independent designers united.

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